Information for new contributors

Hello! We are 80000coding.

First of all, thank you for participating as the 4th season contributor
80000coding will be maintained with posts written by you. I am looking forward to the 80000coding that you will make.
Before I tell about how to contribute, we would like to tell you why we started 80000coding.
After starting common course in 42Seoul, I saw many cadets who are studying with documenting.
And I could have a pleasant experience of gaining new knowledge during peer evaluation by sharing what my peers have studied.
However, for me, itโ€™s too bad not to share these good knowledges and honey tips which is just stored in private notions or notepads.
So we came up with a platform to share this good knowledges and concepts with our peers.
As I wrote above, we want more people to participate in sharing.
80000coding hopes that contributors will become accustomed to and continue to share knowledge through 80000coding.
I hope you will grow with 80000coding through this contributor activity.

Information on Contributor Activities

Notice when writing

Donโ€™t edit other contributorโ€™s post.
If you edit page(layout, filter, sort option, โ€ฆetc), please dm to the organizer.

Guide to writing a new post

After writing, lock the page at the top right ... button to keep the post safe.
If you are writing a post, you can set visual to no so that it is not exposed on the main page. (If you do not change it to yes after completing the form, it will not be included in the month-end tally, so you must change it back to yes.)


Before starting contributor activity, Contributors! Please update the personal page of the page.
And if you have any questions, Dm to dha on Slack
Welcome contributors!